We love mountain tops. We love those moments and seasons when you can sense all the goodness of God is surrounding you - even chasing you. Explosions of joy, courage and faith erupting from your heart to believe you can do anything because He is with you. 
However, there would be no mountain top experiences without the journey between the ascension and decent of those majestic peaks. We used to associate valley seasons with the dark moments of the soul - the times you can hear the vultures lurking in the shadows just waiting for the surrender to pride, doubt, fear, selfishness or indifference. However, now something much more hopeful comes to our mind about seasons in the valley. We have found in those places beams of His presence that warm our hearts with a love that can only be known and experienced in the deep shadows. We have received a faith and courage that could only be proven in the path of the unknown. We have found pools of healing and springs of refreshing that are hidden in the depressions of dry plains. Our Rescuer is as present in the valleys as He is on the mountain tops. There is an authentic and unique praise that springs from each of us when we reflect and respond to God through the intricate stories of our lives.  
We are not on these journeys alone. We have sojourned with many. The threads of our stories are weaved together with telling the greatest story of all. The adventure and joy of this story is found both on the mountain top and in the valleys. This record tells the stories of our journey. These are the sounds of our deliverance from darkness, pictures of the pools and springs where we have tasted His goodness, the resonance of His limitless grace. This... Is Our Song.

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